Catch the Landscape_ Biennale Architectura 2016_ Venicia

Following the invitation to participate in la Biennale of  Venice 2016, our proposal aims in providing a significant value to  the existing outdoor space to the Arsenal biennale.

The fundament is to bring a space for the visitors of the biennale to be used and aware of the landscape.

The outer space is consolidated through the installation  of pieces of Chilean travertine marble, coming directly from Atacama desert, Northern Chile as recycled material of the quarry. These pieces are placed in different areas of the outdoor exhibition, such as along the water front, inside the archways, a place of passage, today practically deserted.

The project arises from simple interventions giving users moments for observation and contemplation of the landscape and architecture’s beauty around them.

The proposal titled ‘catch the landscape’ hopes to provide a new experience fronting the landscape , a different way of seeing and understanding the outer space.


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