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Seminario Parque Urbanos

urban parks

Urban parks and sustainability is the theme of the seminar in which Teresa Moller was invited to give a talk by the Biobío University, named “Unveiling the Landscape” that happens in the context of a project named ” Sustainability evaluation tool of public spaces of the Biobío region” directed by Sergio Baeriswyl, National prize of urbanism, 2014.
The project aims to develop an evaluation model of sustainability of public spaces that represents an advisor tool for the design, execution, and maintenance. Its scope will allow the development of the projects by the Seremi-Minvu, municipalities and private institutions.
Dean Roberto Burdiles will star the seminar and Emilio Armstrong, Seremi of Housing and Urban Planning.

Rosa Barba Prize Finalists

It’s been a long journey deciding who are the finalists for the Rosa Barba Prize, Teresa Moller along with Gary R. Hilderbrand, Kathryn Moore, Walter Hood and Michael Jakob, have decide on 9 finalists for the Landscape Architecture Biennial and we couldn’t be happier to see some great projects been selected.

You can read more about at their Facebook fanpage and follow on Instagram. See you at Barcelona!

LILA 2018 Winners Announced

119 eligible office profiles, 249 public projects and 44 gardens were judged by two 5-member juries. There is one winner in each of the three category, one special mention in office category and one in garden category. In garden category, jury members were: Gary Hilderbrand, Ana Kučan, Teresa Moller, Marc Pouzol and Karin Standler.

2018 Winner in Garden Category: Lake Marion Private Retreat by Coen+Partners, USA.  Jury members acknowledged this garden as an outstanding way of bringing residents to nature, due to its simplicity and the way it allows for exploration.

We would like to congratulate to the special Mention in Garden Category to The Landscape Studio, for their project called “Salaam House”. This is very special for us since Chloe Humphreys worked at our studio with Teresa Moller during her years in Chile. Congratulations Chloe!!

Landezine Awards – LILA 2018 Garden Category

Tere was invited to be a jury of LILA 2018, which ended up with 5 finalist in the garden category selected by the jury. They were 5 juries from different parts of the world and you can get to know them here.

You can vote for your favourite here: (Jury’s Shortlist: Gardens)

DIVISARE Punta Pite Publication

DIVISARE is the web atlas of Contemporary Architecture and has released a book compilation of amazing photos took by Chloe Humphreys  of Punta Pite.

You can see the post here:

Jury at the International Biennal of Landscape Architecture in Barcelona

Teresa has been invited to participate has jury for the International Biennial of Landscape Architecture that’s going to take place in Barcelona on the next 26th, 27th, 28th and 29th September 2018. You can meet the complete jury here:

We also would like to invite everyone to participate at the Rosa Barba International Landscape Prize, by Fundación Banc de Sabadell that forms part of the Biennial.

After closing the submission of landscape and planning projects created around the world since 2013 to 2018, the International Jury will select 10 finalists. There will be only one winner with a prize of 15,000 euros which will be presented during the symposium.

The winner and finalists will present their projects during the symposium that will take place on the 27th September 2018.  The projects selected by the International Jury will be published in the catalogue of the 10th Biennial, displayed on the Rosa Barba Prize exhibition by Fundació Banc de Sabadell and published on our web under Biennial ATLAS tag.

You can send your project here:

Teresa Moller, “A Moment of Silence”

Sophia Magazine

Sophia is a magazine published in Argentina that has made a more personal interview on Teresa Moller on the autumn edition 2018. Here, the landscape architect talks about the importance of nature in her life.


L’Art des Jardins

L’Arts des Jardins is a french magazine that recognizes the importance of gardens and has invited Teresa to give an interview regarding her work and how she unveils the landscape.

Revista Abitare la Terra

Dwelling on Earth nº45 

We would like to invite you to read this interesting column by Mario Pisani, editor of the Abitare la Terra Magazine, a quarterly review of the alliance between men and environment.

In page 20 of the magazine, it analices Punta Pite Project of Teresa Moller in deep with gorgeous photos and wonderful text.

Also, you can download the PDF magazine here: Abitare la Terra – Dwelling on Earth 45

Landscape 50

Landscape 50: Talk and workshop

Learn more about Landscape 50, which celebrates de 50th Anniversary of the Department of Landscape at the University of Sheffield, the first independent school of Landscape Architecture to be established in the UK, and now one of the leading global research and teaching units.

On this occasion is that Teresa Moller has been invited, along with others leading thinkers from around the world, to share her unique view about landscape architecture. This landmark event presents a unique opportunity to hear from global leaders at the very forefront of the discipline, in a stimulating and dynamic environment.

“Landscape Architectures in Latin America: Unpacking Theory, Practice and Agency”

Tere was invited to Harvard by the Women in Design (WiD) and Latin GSD, in collaboration with the Landscape Architecture department to attend at the symposium.

[Read more…]

Catch the Landscape_ Biennale Architectura 2016_ Venicia

Following the invitation to participate in la Biennale of  Venice 2016, our proposal aims in providing a significant value to  the existing outdoor space to the Arsenal biennale.

The fundament is to bring a space for the visitors of the biennale to be used and aware of the landscape.

The outer space is consolidated through the installation  of pieces of Chilean travertine marble, coming directly from Atacama desert, Northern Chile as recycled material of the quarry. These pieces are placed in different areas of the outdoor exhibition, such as along the water front, inside the archways, a place of passage, today practically deserted.

The project arises from simple interventions giving users moments for observation and contemplation of the landscape and architecture’s beauty around them.

The proposal titled ‘catch the landscape’ hopes to provide a new experience fronting the landscape , a different way of seeing and understanding the outer space.

Landscape Architecture 30_30

30 internationally renowned landscape architects showcase their own work as well as 30 of the best of the next generation. A global list of projects from Chile to China, South Korea to Sweden, Germany to Japan.

Editor. Meaghan Kombol

18_18 (p.182)

Teresa Moller, Study of the Landscape_ Teresa Moller and Associates

Chloe Humphreys, The Landscape Studio

Broader Perspectives – Latin American Landscapes

This book compiles projects designed and built in different cities and some remote places in Latin America.

Editor. Jimena Martignoni

Part 2. NATURE


Casablanca I and II, Casablanca Valley, Chile (p.180-187) _ Pirque House, Chile (P.194-199) _ Tierra Atacama Hotel, San Pedro de Atacama, Chile (p.200-207)


House in Cumelen, Villa La Angustura, Argentina (p. 218-225) _  House in Kawelluco-Pucon, Chile (p.248-255)


– Punta Pite-Zappallar, Chile (p.278-285)

Olive Garden, Zapallar

The garden its located in a steep hillside of Zapallar. The project is currently within its stage of design. Olives trees, Cypresses and lavender planting bring us to experience the Mediterranean landscape.

Concepcion, Memorial Park

This competition was set in Concepcion as public memorial park _ in memory of the earthquake 27F in 2010.

Museum Humano, Competition Parque San Borja

Agua Claras, Zapallar

In the central coast of Chile, inland from the pacific ocean, this unique garden is set within a pre-existing Pine forest. A diverse work of stone and carving as little by little given shape to the garden, creating different spaces all with their particular character inviting people to walk and enjoy the shadows and clearings generated by the Pine trees.

Parque Forestal. Arauco

The Project is an educational park located in the south of Chile in Arauco. The site previously served for industrial tree plantation. The landscape project aims to recognize and restore the great natural resources that benefits this territory. The fundamental elemental of the proposal is to rescue and enhance the native forest and the presence of water on site.

Bosque del reflejo. Villarica

The Project is located in an area that benefits from Chile’s native forest close to Villarrica Lake. The garden aims to recognize the existent values of this wonderful and unique site. Water becomes an important part of the design, integrated within the walkway system , resting and reflecting areas. Everything is made on the site in balance with the place.

El tranque. Santiago

This project consists in a 2.5 ha. Park for a residential private condominium, located on a hillside in Santiago’s Andean foothills. The design seeks to integrate the residents to the local geography and native flora, adapting to the changing levels, covered by hawthorns trees and cork trees. The landscape proposal considers a series of routes that structures and defines large grassy areas surrounded by ground cover planting, to which new caduceus and persistent species are introduce, which will bring the users to live the landscape and experience the seasonal changes.

IGA. Berlin. Germany

‘Being under the trees ‘

Teresa Moller was selected by the IGA (International Garden show of Berlin) along with 9 other landscape designers from all over the world to design a garden in a park located on the outskirts of Berlin.

We decided to start the project through a series of lines using slabs of raw marble to set a structure to the place. Then between these lines we begin to plant and leave nature to settle and convey everything else we could not do ourselves. Nothofagus trees are then planted in a natural forest like layout. Over the years we can imagine the marble slabs slowly being overgrown by plants, nature taking over and slowly breaking out the man-made structure of the lines. The aim is to recreate a garden characteristics of Chile using simple materials such as the Travertine Marble extracted from the North and the native trees Nothofagus from the South, both emblematic of the beauty of Chilean landscapes.

The simplicity of the design enables visitors to be in harmony with nature when entering the enclosed garden. ‘Being under the trees’ allows people to move spontaneously, relax, contemplate and reflect

Cumelen. Villa La Angostura

This garden is located in the beautiful region of the 7 lagos (lakes) called Neuquen in Argentina. The garden overlooks onto the lake Nahuel Huapi. The design strategy consists en enhancing the planting scheme  all around the house embracing the site with the stunning nature around it. Existing trees that were dying were re-used for creating raw tables and benches dotted around the garden. The project was designed for the owners to make full use of their garden and enjoy the stunning views over the lake. A natural beach area was created allowing people to swim and enjoy the serenity of the lake.

Clinica Las Condes. Santiago

During these last 10 years, Clinica Las Condes has given its priority to enhance green spaces. The clinic has understood that giving priority to gardens is of main importance for achieving a new image and identity distinctive from other clinics within the same healthcare quality.

Clinica Las Condes has understood that gardens is a way forward in helping patients to heal. Bringing nature to patients life in hospitals is of great importance for their healthcare. Garden are gradually becoming part of the architectural buildings, changing the urban face for a greener and more is sustainable aesthetic.

A day trip to Punta Pite

Project Maintenance

Tere holding a lecture in Athens


Tere was invited by WellfareFoundation for Social and Cultural affairs to Athens, Greece.

She will be part of a lecture series about gardens and landscape, which takes place in the Concert Hall of Athens. At 3 of October around 7 pm. She will talk and discuss for around 2 hours. It is about her inspiration, little studio, working methods, different work areas and more. All this is based on her new book. The talk is accompanied by a small booklet, which will summarize the lecture, contains own thoughts of Tere and shows photos of her wonderful work.

If you have time and joy come and visit her in Athens.

Calama. Parque Periurbano.

Public park in the desert…

First stage “Tucnar Huasi” in construction

Welfare Foundation for Social & Cultural Affairs

Athens, Greece.

October 2014.

Tere was invited by Welfare Foundation for Social and Cultural affairs to Athens, Greece. She will be part of a lecture series about gardens and landscape, which takes place in the Concert Hall of Athens.

Australian Institute of Architects International Speaker Series

Brisbane, Sydney, Hobart, Melbourne; Australia.

August 2014.

Tere was invited to give a serie of lectures by the Australian Institute of Architects for their 2014 International Speaker Series.

Visit website

Tere to speak in Australia


Teresa has been invited to give a series of lectures by the Australian Institute of Architects for their 2014 International Speaker Series.

If you are in Australia, we would be pleased for you to attend and come say ‘hello’…

Here are the dates…
BRISBANE – Monday August 11th
SYDNEY – Wednesday August 13th
HOBART – Thursday August 14th
MELBOURNE – Friday August 15th

and of course you can find more information on their website

Hope to see you there!

Punta Pite shortlisted for MCHAP prize

We are so pleased and honored that Teresa’s work has been recognized among the 36 “Outstanding Projects” from the original 225 nominiees in the running for the Mies Crown Hall Americas’ Prize. We are humbled to see our work alongside such distinguished architects as Herzog and de Meuron, Steven Holl, SANAA, OMA, Smiljan Radic to name a few.

´La Mariposa´

New website for ´La Mariposa´

La Mariposa is the garden shop attached to the Landscape design studio.

We are  found, happily sitting amongst a beautiful  small urban jungle  in Vitacura where you can find everything to do with the garden; from plants and tools to organic fertilizers.

La Mariposa is a fun and inspiring green retreat where we offer advice and inspiration to live a life in the garden. From growing your own food, to making the most of small urban garden spaces, to seasonal advice and a beautiful selection of plants for sun and shade.

We also have a beautiful selection of presents making La Mariposa the one stop shop for fun and inspiring ways to treat your family and friends!

Come and see us and be inspired!

Fundo San Jose. Cholqui

This project called el Campo is an experimental project. The site is a family property of 400 hectares located in a valley of the pre-cordillera characteristic of central Chile. An accessible countryside only an 1-hour away from Santiago. The aim for this project is not to draw a final design but to work with processes and time. The idea is to show the possibilities of doing a project by re-using everything that is found on site that will serve for new functions and aesthetics. The project is about sustainability and bringing people together and enjoy the simplicity of being amongst nature. El campo is developed in balance with its environment.

Bahia Azul

Work in stone and the beautiful clear sea in northern Chile.

Unveiling the Landscape

New book published by Jimena Martignoni, illustrating seven projects from the studio.

Spanish/ English, 2013. ca. 256 pp., ca. 150 ills,  29.50 x 38cm, clothbound, ISBN 978-3-7757-3697-8. 

Settings standards of concentration on simplicity

Teresa Moller’s architecture stands out due to its scope, its language, and its unique vision. What makes her such an outstanding artist is that she works in perfect harmony with the environment, respecting and preserving its essence.

Unveiling the Landscape captures the relationship she establishes between the landscape, architecture, nature, and native flora, while always taking into account the needs of the local residents and incorporating an aesthetic and functional reevaluation of the spirit of a particular place.

Since 1990, Chile’s diverse landscapes—from the Atacama Desert in the north to the Lakes Region in the south, and from the Pacific Coast in the west to the Andes in the East—have served as the settings for the majority of Teresa Moller’s projects. This diversity means that she approaches each project by first examining the valuable elements that already exist at a site and assessing the natural surroundings, the local ecology, and the local architecture, thus making each project the direct and unique result of its environment.

Perry Park, Sydney


Multipurpose recreation centre. Design for a field hockey complex, in an existing park.

Spring Seas, Punta Pite

A day trip to Punta Pite

Wild flowers – Chilean Spring

Walking, Punta Pite



Valle de los Olivos

La Jardinera

Drawings and photos of model of a show garden to be built in and shown early November.

La Jardinera

Show garden in Construction.

Tea Garden, Shanghai

Beautiful tea garden in Shanghai. Using Native Chinese plants and lots of tea!

Marble – sourcing material for projects

Marble mine from the north of Chile.

Calama. Parque Periurbano.

Parque publico en el desierto.

Los Olivos, Productive landscape design in construction

Plantas Nativas

Punta Ballena

Coastal project… in construction

Casablanca Productive Landscape – Early Design Stage

Best Private Plots

Klosterneuburg, Austria.
September 2012.

Teresa has been choosen to be on the judging panel for the internationally renowned Best Private Plots landscape architecture competition based in Austria.

Visit website

World in Denmark 2012 – City PLANTastic.

Copenhagen, Denmark.
June, 2012

Teresa was one of the 2012 key note speakers for the World in Denmark Conference being held in Copenhagen in June 2012.

Visit website

Superior Blend


March 2012 / Issue 116 / pp. 19-22
ISSN 1356-6458


An “Experimental Garden” into the Woodland



2012-3-20 / No. 2 / pp. 86-93
ISSN 1672-7460


The Land that Feeds




March 2012 / Vol. 102 No. 3 / pp. 78-91
ISSN 0023-8031


A Garden in Patagonia Survives, Despite the Fall of Ashes



2011-10-20 / No. 6 / pp. 62-69
ISSN 1672-7460

Villa La Angostura

National Architecture Conference: Natural Artifice

Melbourne, Australia.
April 2011

Visit website.

ASLA Lecture

Arizona State University, United States.
October 2009

Other conferences

2009 University of Arizona, USA, Teresa Moller ASLA lecture.

2009 Universidad de Evora- Experiences from the landscape, Portugal.

2006 Seminario Paisajes copio U.C Santiago Chile

2005 Landscape Seminar, Club de Lectores El Mercurio.

2005 Cuarto Congreso Iberoamericano de parques públicos y jardines, Santiago

2004 International Landscape Seminar, Buenos Aires, Argentina.

2003 International Landscape Seminar, Mariott Hotel, Santiago, Chile.

2002 ANASAC Seminar for industry professionals, Manquehue Country Club, Santiago, Chile.

2002 Animal Art Gallery: new trends in landscape design.

2002 Bank Boston Conference, Santiago, Chile.