Blanca Montaña

BLANCA MONTAÑA: Recent Architecture in Chile "Blanca Montaña: Recent Architecture in Chile" is a project by Tomás Andreu and Claudia Pertuzé, which collects the most important icons of the country's architecture. In the publication they present outstanding projects of Chilean architecture from the last 20 years, the work compiles works from all over the country and [...]

L’Art des Jardins

L'Arts des Jardins is a french magazine that recognizes the importance of gardens and has invited Teresa to give an interview regarding her work and how she unveils the landscape.

Revista Abitare la Terra

Dwelling on Earth nº45  We would like to invite you to read this interesting column by Mario Pisani, editor of the Abitare la Terra Magazine, a quarterly review of the alliance between men and environment. In page 20 of the magazine, it analices Punta Pite Project of Teresa Moller in deep with gorgeous photos and [...]

Landscape Architecture 30_30

30 internationally renowned landscape architects showcase their own work as well as 30 of the best of the next generation. A global list of projects from Chile to China, South Korea to Sweden, Germany to Japan. Editor. Meaghan Kombol 18_18 (p.182) Teresa Moller, Study of the Landscape_ Teresa Moller and Associates Chloe Humphreys, The Landscape […]

Broader Perspectives – Latin American Landscapes

This book compiles projects designed and built in different cities and some remote places in Latin America. Editor. Jimena Martignoni Part 2. NATURE LANDSCAPE OF AGRICULTURAL PRODUCTION Casablanca I and II, Casablanca Valley, Chile (p.180-187) _ Pirque House, Chile (P.194-199) _ Tierra Atacama Hotel, San Pedro de Atacama, Chile (p.200-207) RESIDENTIAL: LIVING IN THE WILD House in […]

Unveiling the Landscape

New book published by Jimena Martignoni, illustrating seven projects from the studio. Spanish/ English, 2013. ca. 256 pp., ca. 150 ills,  29.50 x 38cm, clothbound, ISBN 978-3-7757-3697-8.  Settings standards of concentration on simplicity Teresa Moller’s architecture stands out due to its scope, its language, and its unique vision. What makes her such an outstanding artist is that […]

Superior Blend

GARDEN DESIGN JOURNAL March 2012 / Issue 116 / pp. 19-22 ISSN 1356-6458 REFERENCE TO Huentelauquén

An “Experimental Garden” into the Woodland

  LANDSCAPE DESIGN 2012-3-20 / No. 2 / pp. 86-93 ISSN 1672-7460 REFERENCE TO Kawelluco

The Land that Feeds

    LANDSCAPE ARCHITECTURE MAGAZINE March 2012 / Vol. 102 No. 3 / pp. 78-91 ISSN 0023-8031 REFERENCE TO Casablanca

A Garden in Patagonia Survives, Despite the Fall of Ashes

  LANDSCAPE DESIGN 2011-10-20 / No. 6 / pp. 62-69 ISSN 1672-7460 REFERENCE TO Villa La Angostura