IGA. Berlin. Germany

‘Being under the trees ‘

Teresa Moller was selected by the IGA (International Garden show of Berlin) along with 9 other landscape designers from all over the world to design a garden in a park located on the outskirts of Berlin.

We decided to start the project through a series of lines using slabs of raw marble to set a structure to the place. Then between these lines we begin to plant and leave nature to settle and convey everything else we could not do ourselves. Nothofagus trees are then planted in a natural forest like layout. Over the years we can imagine the marble slabs slowly being overgrown by plants, nature taking over and slowly breaking out the man-made structure of the lines. The aim is to recreate a garden characteristics of Chile using simple materials such as the Travertine Marble extracted from the North and the native trees Nothofagus from the South, both emblematic of the beauty of Chilean landscapes.

The simplicity of the design enables visitors to be in harmony with nature when entering the enclosed garden. ‘Being under the trees’ allows people to move spontaneously, relax, contemplate and reflect