SALA Garden Design Lecture

On November 15th at the UBC Robson Square Theatre, Teresa was invited for the annual SALA Garden Design Lecture, to give a public conference about her work on Vancouver, Canada. Organized by the UBC in Vancouver, this lecture series make an important contribution to the intellectual life of the city, as the only ongoing architecture and landscape architecture lecture series on Vancouver.

“The internationally acclaimed landscape architect, Teresa Moller, is known for her intuitive designs that are understated and at the same time transformative. Her artistry embraces Chile’s diverse terrain from the Atacama Desert in the north to the Lakes District of the south. Her studio’s design work is found in locations around the world including China, Germany, Argentina and Australia.

(…) Moller is constantly refining her work on site, assuring that a project is never static. By studying the natural landscape, local ecology and architecture, her projects become a direct result of their environment. Her creations do not intervene on the natural landscape; rather they meld into it and give us the opportunity to experience nature through her lens of observation.”