Design and Approach

The key to our design approach is to find the perfect equilibrium in meeting the clients brief and carefully observing the existing landscape in order to understand how to develop the design.

For Tere carefully observing the existing landscape of the site is key to all of her designs and her work process. In her own words ´Exploring the landscape in order to fully appreciate what is existing in the site, is always my first step´. This involves physically spending time in the site to fully understand its moods, changes throughout the day and if possible the seasons. By dedicating this time on site before the drawing board means that Tere achieves an amazing comprehension of the site, its surroundings, its history and its landscape potentials.

After the design is approved it is of great importance for us to attend the construction and the maintenance stage of our design.


The construction stage is a crucial aspect of the project. Designs on paper remain conceptual, thus being outside on site, allows us to see how projects come across in reality. Following the processes of construction enables to assess what needs to be changed or improved from the initial drawn proposal.

Therefore designing is a back and forth process of being outside on site and back in the office to update the plan. The construction stage is significant to us as it helps us to improve our designs to the best. Consequently a project is never static.

Teresa works very closely with the construction team, re-accessing design decisions whilst on site. For the projects in Chile we have a construction team that builds the designs. We work closely with the architects involved throughout the whole construction stage. Our team deals with architectural landscape construction, irrigation, soil preparation and planting.

For international projects we provide specific details in order for a local contractor to carry out the work.


A crucial aspect to any design is the maintenance. Therefore, it is part of our office philosophy to follow the processes of a project after its construction stage. A landscape project is understood as a process that we strongly believe should be looked after closely in order to assure its long lasting design.

From the studio we provide a service where, if the client wishes, trained horticulturists visit the garden or project on a regular basis to provide advice. This way we can ensure that the design achieves the foreseen result.