Study of the Landscape

The diverse landscapes of Chile have been the setting for the majority of the projects of Teresa Moller Studio since its founding in 1990. Distinct palettes of plants and materials are utilized as project locations range from the Atacama Desert in the north to the Lakes Region of the south as well as from the Pacific Coast in the east to the Andes mountain range in the west. This diversity has developed a way of working in the studio that approaches each project by examining the valuable elements existing in the site along with the surrounding natural systems, local ecology, and architecture. Thus, every project is a direct and unique result of its environment. The work has an architectural base, a geometry that structures the landscape over which the vegetation interacts more freely. Her work is characterized by its simplicity and Teresa strongly believes that in that simplicity lies its force. This force unites nature with architecture and provides a point of interaction between humans and their surroundings. Evident eastern influences arise from the similarities existing between the various ecologies of the Pacific coastal landscape.

The studio works in the realms of residential, public urban space, commercial, institutional and agricultural settings with many built projects to date. The goal of the office is always to collaborate with the architects and clients, using each participant’s strengths and knowledge to arrive at an integrated design solution that is both efficient and elegant.