Hotel Tierra Atacama

San Pedro de Atacama
55000 m2

Arquitectos: Matías González y Rodrigo Searle

Hotel Tierra Atacama is a small hotel located in San Pedro, an oasis town in the Atacama Desert, northern Chile. The landscape project embraces the beauty in what happens by bringing water to land. The whole design approaches this desert site in a functional and human way, transforming this part of the driest desert in the world into a small oasis miraculously producing food and crops. The project seeks to find beauty in agricultural production in the desert, drawing inspiration from the traditional farming methods from San Pedro.

As well as the agricultural aspect of the project an important feature is a deck path that takes one through the site, through stands of the native chañar tree, and the shrub antriplex and into the cultivated land planted with sunflowers and corn. At the end of this beautiful walk stands a large and majestic Algarrobo, under which Tere designed simple wooden decks that serve as rest spots. Places to sit and enjoy the desert before wandering back to the hotel.

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