“The essential thing is that we are one and the same creation of one and the same universal nature, going through cycles that shape our lives and moving in an infinite cosmos in constant expansion.”

about us

Our studio has more than 30 years of experience in design, construction and maintenance of gardens and parks of different sizes in different parts of Chile and the world.

The office consists of a team of landscapers, architects and professionals dedicated to the area. Dedicated to works of different scales, such as residential, industrial, commercial and public.

Our design approach is to carry out the needs of our clients, observing the natural, architectural and human pre-existence of the place, to generate a delicate proposal in balance with nature.

In Teresa’s own words: “Exploring the landscape in order to appreciate what exists on the site is always my first step”. This involves observing the site where the projects will be carried out physically and over time, allowing us to understand how it varies according to the seasons of the year and, also, what its uses and dynamics are.


Our studio specializes mainly in landscaping design and advice on projects of different sizes (houses, parks, public spaces, common areas, etc.). We work hand in hand with the architects and the requirements of our clients, focusing on proposing spaces based on nature, the pre-existence and the architecture of the place. Our studio rules are: Maximum economy Maximum design Maximum sustainability Aesthetics is not enough any more


For projects in Chile, we have a construction team that carries out our designs. Our team is in charge of the landscaping construction, in its stages of land preparation, irrigation, planting and execution of minor civil works. We work collaboratively with the architects involved and the client throughout the construction stage. Depending on the complexity of the terrain and the different situations that may arise, some design decisions are resolved directly in the field. In international projects, our team provides the specific details so that an external constructor can carry it out without problems.


A crucial aspect for any design is maintenance, which is why we also provide this service, where professional horticulturists visit the garden and carry out a status report and maintenance manual in order to control the garden over time.

Teresa Moller

Teresa Moller (1958) is a Chilean landscape architect who has been working in the field for the last 35 years. He studied 2 years in Chile and 3 years at the New York Botanical Garden, where he learned the basic skills of drawing and drawing by hand. This basic training was the beginning of a life working in the landscape.

In 2008, “Garden Illustrated” magazine rated her as one of the ten most interesting landscape designers working in the world to date.

In 2021 she was awarded the “Global Award for Sustainable Architecture” for her work.

Mariana Suau

Architect graduated from the University of Chile in 2020.

Javiera Martínez

Arquitecta, Universidad de Chile

Personas que han colaborado anteriormente:

Macarena Urzúa, Antonia Claro, Catalina Philips, Karin Ötgen, Clhoe Humphreys, Catalina Legarreta, Constanza Undurraga, Rebecca Emmons, Teresita Cosmelli, Camila Vicari, Paloma Stott, Stella Hauff, Lelia Pacheco, Verónica Blackburn, Estefanía Carrera, Javiera García, Bernardita Gana, Scarlett Araya, Bernardita Valdés, Antonia Labra, Dominique Blechman, Javiera Jadue, Tomás Folch, Pascale Mondion, Carolina Hollemart