Studio and Team

Teresa Moller Landscape Studio is set in a small old house in the Vitacura neighborhood of Santiago. The house has a small garden that is brimming with a beautiful collection of native plants. The garden itself seconds as a shop called “La Mariposa” (The Butterfly).

The studio is a place of creativity and originality that aspires for designing beautiful and sensitive landscapes. The office brings together a range of professions, from landscape architects, architects, agronomist, forest engineer to horticulturist, that all share the same passion for design and nature. A perfect balance that enables every aspect of a project from the primarily design stage to the construction stage to be handled fully, ensuring long lasting designs.

Teresa Moller


Teresa Moller has been working in the field of Landscape Architecture for the past 30 years. She strongly believes in the power of simplicity. For her, a careful observation and awareness of the landscape is the key for developing social-culture projects and bringing nature accessible to people. The most important aspect of her work is to find what is on site and what is needed to bring people to experience nature.

Teresa has always marveled at the luck she has being able to work in the wide range of landscapes that exist in Chile. In her words the variable landscapes in Chile have taught her everything as she has to often meet the extreme differences in environments from working in the desert of Northern Chile to the rain forests in Southern Chile.

In her book ‘Unveiling the Landscape’ Teresa Moller shares her works to the world. The projects displayed are unique, strong, equally beautiful and demonstrate are strong understanding of the sites pre-conditions. Private gardens and other works, Teresa brings out the best from each sites; what is often considered neglected or without much landscape values is for her the core of the project.

When we are quiet, we begin to hear what the land tells us. Of course, the most important part is to try and develop a project which can, then, help other people listen and be aware of what the landscape tells them, so that they can find who they are and what is there for them.

Teresa Moller – Lecture. About Nature , Athens Concert Hall, 3 October 2014

Macarena Urzua


Maca is an Inspiring and energetic architect that works very closely to Teresa in helping make fundamental decision with the designs and helps overseeing the rest of the team.  She also works as a part time architecture teacher at the University of architecture in Santiago. Her patience and skill to teach is of great benefit to us all and we enjoy to learn from her experience and creativity.

Paloma Stott

Landscape Architect

Paloma is a Landscape architect. She is in charge of all International project in the office, thus a connection to the world. She is also involved in a unique and experimental project that is of great importance for Teresa called el Campo. She shares Teresa’s way of thinking and working. She is also very keen on exploring new ways of illustrating ideas such as combining water colors and hand-drawing skills with computer techniques.