Punta Pite

Papudo, V Región, Chile
110.000 m2

Punta pite is a private condimium between Zapallar and Papudo, two beach towns on the Chiliean coast that are located about 150km north of Santiago. The site, as indicated by its name, is a headland that juts out into the sea. The brief was to create a foot path along the coastline here.

Tere´s work here seeks to create an experience that embraces the character of the site; she encourages us to walk through the coastal landscape. Her actions as a designer and artist are lead directly from the landscape. As a result her project here in Punta Pite is incredibly humble yet powerful.

Where the natural landscape and cliffs allow one to walk easily Tere left them totally untouched, in other cases where steep cliffs made walking difficult Tere intervenes by building a path or staircase. These architectural aspects are built from hand cut granite, the same material as the cliffs themselves.
It is important to note that in no direction is it marked where to go, the idea is to invite people to walk and discover their own path.

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