Punta Pite

Papudo, V Región, Chile
110.000 m2

Collaborating architects: Francisca Aldunate, Camila Vicari, Catalina Legarreta, Francisca Piwonka and Catalina Philips.

The Punta Pite trail is part of a route through the rocks of the coast between Zapallar and Papudo within a private condominium.

The site, as its name suggests, is a headland that juts out into the sea. Due to its geometry and position, the idea of ​​generating this path arises with the aim of contemplating the landscape and the waves of the sea in a more comfortable way due to the rocky terrain.

Punta Pite is incredibly humble yet powerful. The proposal seeks to create an experience that embraces the character of the site; encouraging us to walk through the coastal landscape, generating subtle footsteps and stairs built from the same stone that go almost unnoticed, appearing only as small guides and when strictly necessary to be able to continue the step.

These architectural features are constructed from hand-cut granite, the same material as the cliffs themselves. It is important to keep in mind that no direction is marked where to go, the idea is to invite people to walk and discover their own paths.

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